Inbra Industrias Quimicas.

INBRA – INdústria BRasileira de Anilinas S.A. was founded on October 1st. 1939 with an initial investment of 25.000 Contos de Réis (around US$ 1,400.00) and began the production of soaps for the textile industry in a parking lot, in São Paulo downtown.

In 1950, the plant was transfered to the present location, in Diadema, producing metallic stearates, wiredrawing lubricants and accessories for the textile industry. During the 60 years, with the PVC innovation, started the production of liquid and solid PVC stabilizers, epoxidized soybean oil and foaming agents (azodicarbonamide).

In 2003, the line of metallic stearates increased, beginning the production of solid calcium zinc PVC stabilizers.

In 2009, continuing the expansion project of production, it was inaugurated a plant in Elias Fausto city, SP.

Presently, INBRA has a total area of 40.000 sq. mt and a staff of around 150 employees.