INBRAFLEX A-6 Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Epoxidized Soybean Oil

INBRAFLEX® line belongs to a group of secondary plasticizers for PVC. This kind of product is added to high molecular weight polymers in order to become plastic and flexible in the course of the processs, or further, to provide flexibility and extensibility similar to rubber. INBRAFLEX® is a plasticizer that provides heat stabilization properties to PVC compounds.

Technical Data Sheet

AppearanceLiquid light yellow
CAS number8013-07-8
CompositionEpoxidized Soybean Oil
Refractive index (nd 20)1.472
Viscosity (25°C)380 cP
Density (25°C)0.990 g/ml
Color (Gardner)1 – 2
PackingDrums or Bulk
Shelf life24 Months


The value of the epoxy plasticizers to obtain both heat and light stability is widely recognized. These materials are known as one of the most important classes of additives used in vinyl compounding. INBRAFLEX A-6 acts synergistically with metallic stabilizers, barium – cadmium, barium – cadmium – zinc, barium – zinc and particularly calcium – zinc types, to provide significant better heat and light stability than the one obtained with any other component alone. The improvement of heat and light stability obtained by the use of INBRAFLEX A-6 facilitates the reprocessing of the material in calendering and allows longer extrusion and injection-molding cycles before down time for clean up, if necessary.”

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