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Poly Trading & Consulting is a trading company which focuses on the international marketing and sales of chemicals and raw materials which are used in various formulations of soft and rigid PVC applications.

Main applications areas of these materials are especially for productions of like bottles, hoses, rigid and soft films by blowing, extrusion, calendaring and injection process.

Sales are in form of Proforma invoices. Our regions of activity include Europe, Turkey, United States and Latin America. Main products we promote globally are tin stabilizers, ESBO products, lubricants, U.V. absorbers, Antioxidants etc.

Our director and our founding partners are experts in this field, all of them being former representatives and heads of former Swiss firm Ciba Geigy which used to be a giant chemical company in these applications before it changed names and was acquired. The founding partners come from this rigorous expert background. They have 40 + years of experience in this field. The partners go all the way back to being part of the core teams during the times Ciba Geigy implemented and invented many plastics applications (especially rigid transparent PVC) for the very first time.


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